Which Program is Right For You

European “Immersion” Camps vs Dutch Training Tour


European “Immersion” Camp

Camp Immersion.

Where you join a European camp. You participate just as the Europeans do. Living, training and playing with, and against, international hockey players.

The level of hockey, the standards in sleeping and dining as well as cultural differences can be overwhelming for some. This is best suited for the more adventurous.

A bold experience, not to be undertaken lightly. Camp immersion is recommended for serious athletes with the right attitude.

If this is you, expect the best week of your life. Create lasting friendships with hockey players from around the globe and transform your game in a safe and fun environment.  Extraordinary hockey & friends.

Qualifications Include

  • USA Futures Participant
  • or Active Club Member
  • or World Camp Elite Selection
  • or Nominated by Your Coach

Attitude Needed

  • Travel & Adventure Excite You
  • Open to New Cultures & Ideas
  • “Glamping” in Europe Sounds Fun

Passion Required

  • Motivated to Grow Your Game
  • Driven to Test & Push Your Limits
  • Seek Fast & Aggressive Hockey


Classic Travel & Hockey

Designed for all U.S. travel standards and hockey styles. Very different than European camp immersion.

Your room, bed, bath and meals in a first-class sport & spa hotel, right next to our training pitch in Amsterdam. Serious luxury, while delivering serious hockey.

In the morning you get on your bicycle (you’re a real Dutchie) and ride through the Amstelveen Forest to your private top-hockey clinic. When you’re not training or playing a match against an international team, you’ll be seeing the sights as only EuroTour can deliver, while touring in our private bus.

Consider us your international “club”. Train & play with us for 8-days, returning home ready to crush it.

5-Star Hockey | 5-Star Travel. The best!

Designed For

  • All Individuals, Teams, Clubs & Groups
  • Active High School Players
  • Hockey Players Wanting to Improve
  • Athletes Seeking to Impress College Coaches

Attitude Needed

  • Travel Excites You
  • Open to New Cultures
  • Ready to See the Game Differently

Passion Required

  • Motivated to Grow Your Game
  • Eager to Work with Top Coaches
  •  Excited to Compete Against Europeans