Frequently Asked Questions


Safety is our #1 focus and concern too. Sport EuroTour has been bringing field hockey athletes to Europe since 1989. In 27 years, we’ve never had an incident.

Typically there are 2, sometimes 3 depending on group size, mature, experienced, American chaperones with the US girls who will be with them 24/7 starting at the Airport in the USA and stay with the girls the entire time at camp.

The venues are all very safe. Both the Amsterdam and Barcelona hotels are 4 star accommodations and are in very safe locations. The field hockey clubs are small and gated in safe neighborhoods. Out of the way and under the radar.

Once in camp, there is a 4:1 staff to player ratio at our “immersion”  camps. All of the staff speak fluent English and there is always a medical trainer on the full-time staff.

When sightseeing, there are opportunities for the girls to shop, eat on their own. We do have very specific rules, such as they must stay in groups of 3 or more at ALL times (even if it is waiting in line or to go the bathroom) and they must stay within specific parameters. These set parameters are always within the pedestrian areas of the city (similar to our malls). Players are not allowed to take public transportation. Players sign a “Code of Conduct” prior to traveling.

This is why it is important we qualify US athletes to ensure that participants are mature enough to understand and follow our rules.

During the trip, the US staff will check their email every day, and can answer any questions or put you in touch with your daughter if need be. The US staff will also post photos and updates to Facebook throughout the trip so you can see what your daughter is up to!

Most U.S. athletes travel without a friend. Typically 75% to 90% of the players traveling are coming as an individual, without a friend. Whether you come alone, with a friend or with a team, it doesn’t matter – we are a welcoming group. You make friends extremely fast. Everyone is starting at the same place as you.

We have two distinct types of program:

1) What we call “immersion” camps, where U.S. players join a European camp.  Living, training and playing with their European peers. We register athletes into multiple camps located both in Amsterdam and Barcelona.  These are best suited to the more adventurous and hardier of players.

Amsterdam Elite Camp is more concentrated. It is a 6-day (6 in-camp / 9-days travel) intensive hockey experience. You have 2-days in Amsterdam prior to camp to bond, sight-see and get over jet-lag.

This is designated as an “Elite” program, and is for the player looking to play at a high level in college and interested in a camp that is concentrated, non-stop hockey! Players need to be prepared mentally. This is not for everyone.

Amsterdam Drijver Goalie Academy is great for goalies that are looking for intensive, dedicated and focused goalie training with the best goalies and goalie coaches in the world. Amsterdam Goalie Drijver Academy and Top Hockey are hosted at the same location during the same date. The social programs, sleeping arrangements and tournaments will be together. Training for GK’s is separate and operated by Martijn Drijver.

We typically offer two Barcelona camps, both are operated by our Dutch partner (essentially a Dutch camp in Spain) – they are the European Hockey Federation “Camp of Excellence” and Top Hockey Camp. At each, you are in camp for 9-days (longer in duration than Amsterdam) and both travel for 11-days. Our U.S. participants will have 1 day in Barcelona to sight-see prior to camp plus 2 half-day field trips with your European campers, during camp, to see the city and go to the beach.

Camp starts each day at these camps with a skill demonstration by Olympic caliber players followed by two skill training sessions, a few rounds of tournament play and a social program. This program is for the high school athlete who intends, or has aspirations to, play in college and wants a camp that has a lot of intense hockey, with a great cultural and social component. The longer duration of in-camp training days has a less aggressive feel than Amsterdam, while providing the same quality instruction, but allows you the time to perfect your skill-sets. This camp is also great for goalies as the top GK coaches are flown to Barcelona to train them.

NOTE: 95% of players and coaches at this camp are not from Spain. Because weather is typically warmer and sunnier in Barcelona, we have access to their pool, where players can lounge during their break or “daily siesta”. Typically, the Barcelona camp has more diversity. Campers tend to come from more countries than the Amsterdam camp. Also of interest, our “immersion” camps can accept boys.

2) Our second type of program is designed for all U.S. standards of travel and ability. Accommodations and meals at a 4-star hotel along with hockey matches and private Dutch training.  This program travels to Amsterdam and accepts individuals, groups and teams.

Both Amsterdam and Barcelona venues are amazing – we operate out of what are considered the best clubs in Europe: Amsterdam Hockey Club and Atletic Terrassa Hockey Club.  All having multiple, top, turf fields.

Amsterdam’s weather is hard to predict. Weather can alternate quickly between sun, clouds, rain and cold, while Barcelona is almost guaranteed to have great weather.

Typically there are 2 experienced American chaperones (sometimes 3 depending on group size) with the US girls who will be with them 24/7, starting at the U.S. Airport and staying with the girls the entire time at camp. We do not use college kids as our core staff. Most of our U.S. staff are teachers or college and high school coaches. Once you arrive in Europe, our staff liaison there joins in to help out.

Once in the “immersion” camps, there is a minimum 4:1 player to coach ratio. These are coaches who train some of the top players in the world along with additional support staff. Most of the coaches and staff are Dutch, however there will be many coaches from all over the world.

Most of the international staff are top coaches and players, many of which have experience playing at the National level or in the top competitive league of their country.

All staff speak fluent English.

There is always a medical trainer on the full-time staff.

. The weather is typically warmer and sunnier in Barcelona and there is a pool that players can use during down hours.

Amsterdam’s weather is harder to predict. Weather can alternate quickly between sun, clouds, rain and even chilly, while Barcelona is almost guaranteed to have great weather.

Both Amsterdam and Barcelona are located at amazing venues – both camps are located at literally the best clubs in Europe, with multiple turf pitches.

Amsterdam Hockey Club (Holland)
Atletic Terrassa Hockey Club (Spain)

These are dedicated field hockey fields.  AstroTurf or similar.   Not grass or field turf.